Naiwen Zhang

Naiwen Zhang was born and raised in China, she is currently living in New York after graduating from the International Center of Photography MFA program in 2018. Her practice includes photography and videos. She is interested in time and memory. Her works focus on telling non-liner stories of her inner reality in response to the outside reality.

Day Dreams

Naiwen Zhang was born and raised in Wuhan, China. She is interested in memory and how memory changes throughout time. After graduating from college in the US, she went back to her home town for a couple of months and noticed how the city has changed dramatically. This gave her a strange feeling like there are two worlds– the one she lives in right now and the other in her mind. It is like a mixture of memory from the past and her imagination. By documenting this feeling of how her inner world responds to the outside reality, Zhang started the project “Day Dreams”.

The Project tells non-linear stories through images created in Zhang’s hometown Wuhan in China. Part of her feels like lives in dissonant spaces, separated by time. In documenting this feeling of estrangement and desolation, She looks deeply at the concept of place and memory.

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