Sage Brown

Sage Brown is a Portland, Oregon based artist and photographer whose personal work explores notions of culture, place, identity and the human relationship to the natural world. Sage was raised in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and attended Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating in 2008 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After nearly a decade of working in the design and advertising industry, Sage is now dedicated full time to his studio practice.

Rain Shadow

Rain Shadow is an ongoing journey of self reflection as I uncover questions about where I call home today, and where I came from. Raised in a small rural community an hour from a single stoplight town built on agriculture in one direction, and an urban center an hour in the other, I was split between two worlds, never feeling fully at home in either place. Today, after over a decade of urban dwelling, I find myself unsettled, disillusioned, and questioning how we define ourselves geographically. Searching for clues, I question where I belong in the current landscape of America.

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