Atsushi Momoi

Atsushi Momoi was born in Osaka, JAPAN, in 1979. After studying sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University, he attended the London College of Printing to study photography. His photographic work attempts to visualize the relationship between the individual, society and the world itself.  Momoi was nominated for the Espy photo award in 2015 and in 2014, his work “score (#scene1 / Tokyo)” was published by The Velvet Cell, an independent publisher in the UK. Momoi currently lives and creates in Tokyo, JAPAN.


A Light Leads to Another is inspired by the bodily experience of recalling memories, often fragmented and irrelevant. Such memories, having utterly different contexts in time and space, often respond to each other as disparate images in light – incoherent visualizations just beyond signification.

In order to visualize this dynamic process of recollection, I photographed a display monitor as it projects personal images gathered over the years of my life. The digitalized slideshow simulates this aimless gathering of memories. By re-photographing incoherent images and making use of the specific character of photography, I examine the photographic archive as a gateway to the construction of collective memory. How is consciousness of the self derived from memory? This work aims to question how memories are stored and received, reconsidering the connection between “past” and the phase of “now”. It explores the significance of vernacular photographs as cultural artifacts and conduits of information.

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