Michael Zuhorski

Michael Zuhorski was born 1992 in Detroit. He is currently based in Marquette, Michigan. In 2015 he graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in photography. His work has been published internationally and exhibited widely in group shows. In the Midwestern United States his work has been shown in several solo exhibitions. Questions concerning the delicate dynamics between self and surroundings are central to his practice.

Eyes Make the Horizon

In November 2015 I began photographing the landscape of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a body of land isolated by forest and surrounded the northern Great Lakes. I lived in and photographed the region over a period of years, immersing myself in its isolation. The act of looking became insular in sympathy with my surroundings. My practice began to articulate the landscape’s effect upon my state of mind and my mind’s effect upon the landscape.

Interaction with the land was guided by the presence of water. In this region water is ubiquitous. I photographed the effects of water upon the landscape and the wetlands, rivers, and lakes that cut through and enclosed the peninsula. I became fixated upon the idea of water as a body – dynamic and distinct from its surroundings yet completely tied into them. This is analogous to the way I understand myself in relation to my surroundings. Eyes Make the Horizon became a means to ask where I end and the world begins.

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