Alexa Cushing

Alexa Cushing is a photographer based in Boston, MA. She recently graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, earning a BFA in Photography. She travels by car, photographing the rural New England area where she lives, to make work that extracts a sense of magic from the everyday realm. Most recently, Alexa has traveled to California to make work in Los Angeles.

Due West

For generations, countless photographers have traveled westward to take part in a voyage symbolic of a better life and a fresh start. Lured by the opportunity of the Golden State in a way that is almost as biblical as the promised land, the promises of Los Angeles can appear virtually mythical. Due West joins a conversation that has been ongoing between photographers throughout history. The landscape of Southern California becomes subverted in these photographs, transforming the recognizable into an alien landscape. Los Angeles exists here as an unlikely combination of glamour and fracture, highlighting the uneasiness of the city.

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