Rory Hamovit

Rory Hamovit is an artist currently attending Yale School of Art for his MFA in photography. In his work, it is often noted his use of humor and narrative structure are ways of better dissecting more difficult subject matter. Over the past few years, he has worked on projects that spring from his own anxieties, ranging from the pitfalls of modern intimacy to the perception of masculine identity in the American West. He received his BA in photography from Bard College in 2013 and has had the opportunity to engage in residencies in Iceland and Portugal. He also co-runs Inpatient Press, a small publishing house based in New York that focuses on transgressive works, regularly holding readings and screenings across the city. He has two cats.

Formative Years

This is a retelling of how the world began. Or close enough. Or how I think it happened according to what someone told me once. I believe they must have read it in a book: “On the 7th day we rested but on the eighth day we had to wake up early and move the car for street cleaning.” This is a project about the creator and the creation. Our god is a vengeful and tired god. His anxiety keeps him wide awake every night, just like me. This is a project about relearning and realigning with our better impulses. This is work about returning to the scene of the crime and asking for a do-over. For to regret is to be human, reminding us we always have a choice but not often enough do we make the right decision. “In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth leaving plenty of room for every future landfill.”

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