Elise Corten

Elise Corten is a photographer based in Belgium. She received a BA from Luca School of Arts in 2018 and is currently working on multiple photographic series, whilst finishing her Master’s degree. Her work primarily explores themes of intimacy and love through personal relationships. Elise works on film and aims to illuminate human relationships and the people within them.

Warmer than the sun

This is an ongoing process of documenting my mother. I use the camera as a pretext to redefine maternal intimacy. By depicting her daily rituals, I look into who she is, not only as a mother but as a person. These pictures portray her willingness to reveal herself to me in regards to emotional and physical changes. The work balances just between personal and universal, exposing mother to daughter, daughter to mother and self to self. Through the collection of these photographic portraits, still-lives, and landscapes, an intimate monograph of a mother-daughter relationship is woven together.

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