Marley Hutchinson

Marley Hutchinson is a 26 year old British photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Originally a Film Production graduate, he abandoned moving image for photography and never looked back. Inspired by the classic masters of photography, his work seeks to evoke a timeless, nostalgic quality whilst still being rooted in the present day. Not solely focused on one genre, his work moves between documentary, portraiture, fashion, abstract, and still life. He just released his largest body of work to date, ‘Canadian West’, a documentary project focusing on the people and lands of western Canada.

Canadian West

Canadian West combines portraiture, street, landscape, and still life in a classic photo documentary project of the Western Provinces of Canada. The project was made over a 4 week period, most of which was shot on a 2 week road trip through B.C, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

The project loosely stems from a childhood fascination with America, which later developed into an adult fascination of photographing it. Whilst countless photo series have focused on the U.S., I realized at some point that I hadn’t seen Canada portrayed in a way that I was wanting to see it. I then decided to turn my lens on Canada instead of America. Shot across 3 provinces, the project aims to be a modern vignette into Western Canada today.

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