Ben Gore

Ben Gore is a Brighton-based multidisciplinary artist and founder of independent publisher Blue Monday Press. He likes to make things by the seaside. He has written, created, and illustrated a number of publications including; a guide to bootleg toy makers called The Bootleg Bible, The Hip Hop Cocktail Book, and Self Publish Today. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Photography in 2012. He likes to experiment in a variety of mediums from collage and photography to sculpture and illustration.

Channel Sea Blues

Channel Sea Blues is a collection of photographs shot around the south coast of England and beyond. In a time in which borders have become such an important issue politically, the book is built around passing delicate moments sprinkled across the shoreline and the feeling of living on the edge of land and sea.

The third photobook by Ben, which follows on from his previous works Second Adolescence and Goodbye, Blue Monday, wonders about the individual experiences of those found at the seaside and the mood of the seaside itself. When collected, these unconnected glimpses into life by the beach create a portrait of the place and the people to be found there

To view more of Ben Gore’s work please visit his website. Ben’s latest book Channel Sea Blues is due to be released in Autumn 2019 by Blue Monday Press.