Wenqingao Reven Lei

Wenqingao Reven Lei was born in Chengdu, China, and is based in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Photography Masters degree in 2019, after studying at Parsons School of Design in New York. Her process as a photographer explores the process of looking outward to illustrate what remains abstract when turning inward. Her focus is to make photographs with a sense of poetic metaphor. Her work has been exhibited internationally in London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Arles.

lost in metamorphoses

This body of work presents a visual exploration of the ambiguity that lies between spaces of reality and illusion. Reven’s key influence is surrealism, as she attempts to create a sense of absurdity and fluidity of metamorphoses within her work.

Significantly, this series questions interrelated issues, specifically the complex relationship between human and animal, death and dying, sustainability, the Anthropocene and the challenges the photograph’s connection with our encounters of space and time.

To view more of Wenqingao Lei’s work please visit her website.