Dag Knudsen

Dag Knudsen became a professional photographer after assisting the late Alberto Serejo at the turn of the century. Specializing in technical lighting and working with editorials, portraits and fine art photography projects, Knudsen has worked with a variety of clients and projects across the globe. His career has featured advertising campaigns, fashion editorials, portraiture and exhibitions in several countries. As an artist, Dag Knudsen is represented by Galleri Ramfjord in Oslo, Norway and by Takaoka-Art in Tokyo, Japan.

Since 2010 Dag Knudsen has been published in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Seoul, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Miami, San Fransisco, and New York.


Dag Knudsen has been experimenting with symmetry for over a decade. As an artist, he has had great success with his series of symmetrical animal portraits, Symmetricat, Symmetridog and Symmetrizoo. When asked where Knudsen´s fascination with symmetry and sacred geometry comes from he states: “Nothing in nature is 100% symmetrical. I am intrigued by taking a fraction of something existing and by multiplying this fraction creating another visual entity it is almost like creating a portal to another dimension. The symmetry on the human brain works almost hypnotizing thus creating a new visual atmosphere. During the summer of 2019 Dag attended a 5-week artist residency at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey. Symmetricity is a series he has been working on parallel to his other works and this is a preview of his series.

To view more of Dag Knudsen’s work please visit his website.