Kate Enman

Kate Enman (b. 1987, NYC) is based in Brooklyn. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Time Out New York, and Brooklyn Magazine. Having studied and shot in Tel Aviv, Rome, and New York City. Presently, Kate works with analog photography – particularly of the 35mm variety. Kate delights in documenting the world around her, while specializing in portraiture, dance and still-life. She has recently started her own studio in Bushwick with her many cats, while continuing to look for ways to get work done in the bath.

“Have You Heard the Good News?”

“Have You Heard the Good News?” explores the dichotomy between our idealistic expectations and a crumbling modern reality. This collection of images explores the exhaustion, frustration and disillusionment of the modern American society. It looks at either the denial of, or the search for salvation from it. We humans are curious creatures – much like beavers, are destructive and constructive – and this is an attempt to document that juxtaposition. “Have You Heard the Good News?” highlights this irony, humor and absurdity of our current human condition and the creatures that traverse it with us.

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