Ray Napoles

Ray Napoles’s art is contemporary, dynamic, and tender. Produced through a process that is unscripted while still upholding its selectivity, Ray encapsulates moments and the varying range of emotions that accompany it. Through careful consideration of the composition of his photographs, he transforms these interpretations of feelings into visible renditions of the artist’s perception.

All of a Sudden

Often standing in a place struggling to reconcile how everything happened the way it did, Ray Napoles’s All of a Sudden is a depiction of the artist attempting to put those pieces back together. Napoles’s use of 35mm and medium format photographs span a number of subjects throughout the project. Whether they be street-side memorials, flowers, and friends along the way, these subjects come together to create the book’s overall feeling of mystery, loneliness, and misplaced emotions. The poetic nature of Napoles’s images come together to create a dream-like depiction of the photographer coping with the reality that comes with mortality.

To view more of Ray Napoles’s work please visit his website.