Tiago Almança

Tiago Almança is a Spanish/Portuguese self-taught photographer based in Barcelona. He is the founder of Carrete, the first film photography magazine in Spain, where he combines his passion for graphic design and film photography. Almança is ultimately a wanderer, capturing the things, people and places that attract his eye.

The Lonely Souls of Hong Kong

Upon my first visit to Hong Kong, I was surprised by the seeming overpopulation. The tight buildings with thousands of windows almost touched each other and reached up to the sky. The streets were full of people walking back and forth, all of them in a hurry. During the happy hour the bars were crowded with not a single table left.

In Hong Kong people take over and transform the streets, every corner is a small universe, a little world of refuge. The only time of day when there seemed to be a bit of peace in the midst of the chaos was in the morning, around 7:00 am, when I used to go for a walk.

This photographic series attempts to capture the sense of loneliness stapled to this dense city’s inhabitants. A place full of people where space is a privilege. You are with everyone in the world and no one at once. These densely populated cities end up making people more reserved, offering only a lonely nostalgia that seeps from every surface.

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