Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan is originally from Alexandria in Egypt. He has been living and working in Pembrokeshire, in west Wales since 2007, graduating first class in Photography from Carmarthen School of Art in 2016. Mohamed has been shortlisted for several awards and his work has been exhibited internationally and in London in many prestigious venues, including the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait exhibition and National Portrait Gallery in London. In 2018 Mohamed was supported by the Arts Council of Wales to exhibit his landscapes in Cairo, promoting the rugged beauty of Wales to a wider audience in Egypt.

Mohamed considers that living and studying in Wales has been pivotal to his journey as an artist. He says that when he first arrived here he felt as if he was in a dream, and as he discovered and explored more of Wales found inspiration in the rugged landscapes around him. He works in both black and white and color, focusing on the mood and light of the scene. Mohamed’s work has subtle and subdued characteristics and aims to draw you into the scape.

Witnessing Wales – the ethereal

I love my photography trips to north Wales – usually in the winter months when the light is more interesting and the changeable weather creates greater atmosphere for photographers. Even though I am based in west Wales it can take 4-5 hours traveling to get from door-to-door.

On recent trips I have become mesmerized by the effect of traveling in wet and misty weather when the contrast in our surroundings, so much of the trees and buildings flashing past is reduced in our peripheral vision, this gives the impression that time and space is slower than it actually is. Sitting in the car feels like sitting in the middle seat at the cinema watching the frames of a film in slow motion, in fact, being in the car is akin to the inside of a camera, with the windscreen as your lens, framing your view of the outside world.


To view more of Mohamed Hassan’s work please visit his website.