Mikey Baratta

M.A.Baratta creates work that seeks to make light of the irreverent nature of the human condition and experience – the absurd life. The basis for his current focus is that of semiotics (see Roland Barthes). Baratta searches for meaning in the seeming meaninglessness of ordinary, mundane commodities. He sees the commodity, the object, as a literal manifestation of man’s greatest achievement and the purpose for its ultimate demise: global neoliberalism. The relationship between the signifier and the signified, the symbol and the how this language is received and interpreted by the viewer is the driving force for M.A.Baratta’s current work.

M.A. Baratta has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of Utah. He has survived two near fatal motorcycle accidents, has a love affair with bicycles and is a musician.

Dookie Snookie

Dookie Snookie is a project about cardboard. This series looks at romanticized male dominance and violence within popular culture as it is accepted as an absolute social truth. But it’s mostly a project about cardboard.

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