James Alexander

James Alexander discovered his love for film when he was first introduced to a VHS camcorder around the age of twelve years old. Soon after, he and his friends became obsessed with re-making horror films after watching ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ together. The woods behind their homes became a cherished film set. James hasn’t put a camera down since. It was then that James first watched ‘Paris, Texas’ a film that would inspire his future love of the American landscape. James is currently in the development of a feature script entitled ‘Two Sisters’ which is a road movie set in the Californian desert.

Two Sisters

I am currently writing my first feature film called Two Sisters, and the story inspires this photo series.

Two sisters, struggling to cope with the recent death of their mother, decide to leave behind their broken home in search of a distant grandmother now living in a small desert town in California. After stealing a car from their abusive stepfather, they find themselves forced to make a life-changing decision when they discover something in the trunk which they were never meant to see. Perused by their step-father and his alcoholic son, the two sisters weave in and out of California on a dangerous journey forcing them to confront the very nature of loss, grief and what it really means to be family.

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