Shawn Campbell

Shawn Campbell is an artist located in the Southeast United States. He earned his MFA from The University of Georgia and has earned a BFA from The University of Akron. His work explores the interactions, bounds, habits, and values of people who have come from different backgrounds, goals and beliefs. He is attracted to the interactions, experiences and lives that bring groups of people together. By documenting and participating Shawn is able to bring an authentic experience to his viewers.

No Mans Land

Throughout time, humans have developed systems of influence with and over one another. By engaging with military, football, power, propaganda, and government, this work examines the violence that arises through a horizontal comparison and interrogation of these specific topics. The result of this investigation is the work’s ability to pull a common thread of spectacle through civil, financial, and political influence. Amidst these ideas, key systems appear, granting pieces within the overall body of work the ability to collaborate with one another through aesthetics and language – working in a broad and open manner, presenting questions and granting the viewer the opportunity to connect within the work openly. The concept of violence is intertwined throughout the work. No Mans Land utilizes physical and psychological play in order to point out how violence has become a central and fundamental facet of contemporary culture.

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