Marc Katz

Marc Katz graduated with a degree in film from NYU and worked as a cinematographer in the NYC for the last six years. He directed the short film “People are Becoming Clouds,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was acquired by The New Yorker. His production company, Riot Time, started publishing small run art books in 2015 and has currently published six books with various artists.

Marc is currently attending the University of Hartford’s Limited Residency MFA program for photography while exploring the malls on the US/Mexican border.


I had never been to Cambodia before. As we flew into Siem Reap, my sister and I really had no idea what to expect. The airport is beautiful and felt like a grand home or church, a polar opposite from the Airport in Ho Chi Minh where my parents live and where we had traveled from. The temples were our primary sightseeing goal, but what struck me the most was how tourism seemed to have become integral to this developing country. Being one of those tourists, I felt a strange duality. I was in awe of each ancient temple, and amazed by all the other sightseers who were there. For a 1000 year old temple, we are only a blip in the timeline. This is a series juxtaposing the majesty of the Cambodian temples with the contemporary people who come to admire them.

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