Marley Hutchinson

Marley Hutchinson is a 26-year-old British photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Whilst his interest in the visual arts began with a degree in Film Production, he abandoned moving images for photography and never looked back. Inspired by the classic masters of photography, his work seeks to evoke a timeless, nostalgic quality whilst still being rooted in the present day. Not solely focused on one genre, his work oscillates between documentary, portraiture, street, fashion, abstract, and still life. His most recent body of work was the documentary series ‘Canadian West’, which focuses on the region and culture of Western Canada.

Canadian West

On the North American continent, situated above the 49th parallel lies Western Canada. Expansive and diverse, the landscape and culture of the region is often difficult to define.

Whilst many photographers throughout the decades have focused their efforts on the American experience, in the summer of 2019 Marley Hutchinson set out to explore and document a lesser represented side of North America – The Canadian West.

Journeying through British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, this project refrains from the inclusion of overused Canadian tropes, and instead focuses on the more ordinary side of Western Canada, documenting less familiar landscapes and a series of brief encounters with the people of the region: rural farming families, small business owners, ghost town residents, rodeo champions, city dwellers, and native dancers.

To view more of Marley Hutchinson’s work please visit his website.