Ryan Halbe

Ryan Halbe is a self-taught photographer based out of Atlantic City. Since 2013 he has been working between Atlantic City, Philadelphia and the Jersey shore. His work includes a wide variety of subjects, from portraits and architectural, to concert and commercial. He finds a balance between using digital for client work and using film for his personal work. He always chooses lighting to compliment the subjects in which he is photographing. Ryan’s work is driven by color and lines.

Atlantic City

This project is somewhat of a case study on Atlantic City. I made it a point to try and photograph almost every square inch of the city. I visited the familiar scenes of the beach, boardwalk, and casinos but, most people already know what that looks like. More importantly, I made sure to explore outside of that. There’s no shortage of colorful scenes and subjects to photograph. There’s a lot of wear and tear on this city but, that’s what gives it character. I want to show the beauty and contrast that is Atlantic City.

To view more of Ryan Halbe’s work please visit his website.