Madeline Tolle

Madeline Tolle grew up in the suburbs of Chicago before attending university at the University of Illinois. Following graduation, she moved to Philadelphia where she worked in corporate fashion as a buyer. It was in Philadelphia that she started to take photography more seriously and began to document both travels and daily life. Following a move to Los Angeles in the fall of 2018. She now works full time as a freelance editorial and commercial photographer. Her personal work focuses primarily on the under appreciated small moments of beauty in daily life.

Krung Thep

Krung Thep is a “portrait of place” series I photographed in Bangkok. The idea behind the series is to look at travel photography from a perspective that’s more similar to portraiture, allowing me to focus on capturing the way a certain place “feels,” rather than simply documenting the place on a surface level. By focusing on the feel and mood, the photos operate individually, but also together as a series. The result is a perspective that captures both the small moments and the hustling chaos of daily life in Bangkok.

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