Landon Speers

Landon Speers is Canadian artist currently based in New York City that endeavors to document the people and places he encounters with an earnest candor. Having spent his formative years photographing the punk community in the expansive but isolated prairies of Western Canada, he acquired an appreciation for places both visceral and still.He tries to not take himself too seriously and particularly enjoys swimming and snacking. His work has been published & featured by the likes of Capricious, Mossless, Aint-Bad, The Magenta Foundation, & The Ones We Love. In addition to his personal projects, Landon works on commissions for publications including The New York Times, W Magazine, New York Magazine, The Fader, W & Vogue.

My Americana

It is an undeniable fact that much of the world takes its cultural cues from America. Growing up in Canada the closeness was obvious, as were some of the glaring differences. My Americana is a growing body of work reflecting on an immediate outsider’s perspective of the ‘American experience’. In a time when the country is going through unprecedented change, reflection & divisions, the series works to encapsulate some of the vignettes unique to this country both beautiful and absurd, familiar yet foreign.

To view more of Landon Speers’s work please visit his website.