David Avazzadeh

David Avazzadeh is a self-taught photographer based in Vienna. After graduating from the University of Vienna with a Bachelor of Arts, he started working as a freelance photographer. Beside several group exhibitions, his work has been featured in independent art publications. His main interest is the intersection between realism and fiction respectively the synthesis of both. This interest manifests itself in his analog practice and use of digital manipulations which, in the best case, encourages the viewer to change his/her very own view.

Which One Am I Now? is a collaborative project between copywriter Hieronymus Kloss and photographer David Avazzadeh, exploring mankind’s greates gift – the ability to create. Kloss’s words came first, and then Avazzadeh got on board to provide visual support “and lend it a new lease on life”. Through this excercise, a theme began emerging from the loosely collected thoughts and images: mankind’s ability to create and the struggle that comes with it. Manifested in the notion itself is the fact that every creation is in some sense a way of destruction, and vice versa.

To view more of David Avazzadeh’s work please visit his website.