Deandra lee

Deandra Lee was born on December 1, 2000, in Cleveland, Mississippi. She began her journey around seven years ago without knowing what her future had in store for her. For these past years, Deandra has only created the things she had around her, which is an iPhone and an app. Deandra, growing up, always wondered about the world and various scenarios of life around her. So too compact with that wonder, she started creating on her own free will, imaging and creating. As time grew and she got older, she wonders never faded away, and she had even more questions to ask herself. As of now, Deandra is creating art that she hopes will one day help inspire artists of all art forms, all over the world. She is taking inspiration from things like flowers, birds, BTS/Army, clouds, and herself. She can create and manifests her ideas in her way without any rules. All while attending Houston community college. Deandra is sometimes unsure of what her future looks like. But as long as she’s being herself and creating the art, she wants to create; she will be happy.

New Beginnings

The year is 2020, and Deandra Lee is starting off fresh with her new series ‘New Beginnings’. Deandra is trying out different concepts and is establishing herself as an artist with going bigger and bolder. With this new passion set in mind, she hopes to go beyond and push herself into her creativity. Even though 2020 isn’t the year that anyone expected it to be, Deandra still wants to share a light of weird and unpredictable portraits. To hopefully provide people with a sense of artwork to enjoy and talk about amongst others.

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