Delilah Twersky

Delilah Twersky is a fine arts photographer and creative writer who focuses on documentary work and personal projects. She works primarily with medium format film and tries to find ways of having a hands-on approach with her work whether it be printing in the darkroom or scanning film. Her last written piece was published this year by Waif Magazine, “On Femme” which explores her growing struggle with femininity. This is the very direction that she has been working on leading her photographs after her previous body of work. Delilah is currently working for Wix in New York assisting with their design academy. 

and then there was, in this created being, the autonomous woman

Delilah showed her first exhibition in March of 2018 at the Pratt Photography Gallery. “And then there was, in this created being, the autonomous woman” is a journey of self-realization and her experience with coming out as a queer woman. Delilah played with photographing her mother, a dancer, and her girlfriend who is an athlete finding the polarities and similarities in their stance. What women put forward is so powerful regardless of their garb. A portion of the work is a booklet of short personal essays that she had written over the period of a year.

To view more of Delilah Twersky’s work please visit her website.