Jazz Noble

Jazz Noble is an up-and-coming photographer focusing on narrative-based portraiture. With experience using both the digital and analog medium, she specializes in documentary, nature, and gig photography. Forever influenced by those around her, Jazz is drawn to themes of intimacy and friendship. Most recently, she has completed an intensive traineeship with Magnum Photos and Create Jobs, exploring the art of visual storytelling. Though new to the industry, Jazz has been honing the craft for many years and hopes to explore this further in the public realm.

Meditations on Home

Taken primarily during periods of unemployment and part-time employment, ‘Meditations on Home’ is part of an ongoing project exploring the solace of nature and family during times of uncertainty. Thus far, they have been created in my family home, in my Grandmother’s home, and on familiar dog walks. I reside in London, but my family is from Northern Ireland, so both places are of great importance to me and feature in the work a lot. Particularly, I find comfort in the boggy landscapes in Northern Ireland, and love to draw comparisons between the former and the natural spaces in London. As someone who has a hard time verbally communicating emotions, my way of finding solace is often connected to the environment I’m in, be it the locations I have photographed here, my favourite pub, or simply my bedroom. I try to focus on the quiet beauty within these spaces, and hope to explore this more as the years go on.

To view more of Jazz’s work, please visit her Instagram.