Eva Izquierdo Cunill

Fashion designer and illustrator interested in stylistic syncretism. Graduated in design in 2017 from the ESDi School of Design in Barcelona and with a great fascination for experimental arts.

Eva works mainly with watercolor and ink, highlighting the freedom and arbitrary movement of the line. However, she also works digitally with very geometric artworks with a certain tendency to emphasize the dialogue between human beings and nature. These last artworks tend to consist of a white-haired character and some natural elements such as an animal or a forest.

When she paints with watercolor she uses the portrait close-up, underlining the shadows and details of the skin. Taking photography and fashion photography as references to paint her works. She paints with atypical colors, such as blue or green, to represent skin tones. It also tends to leave unresolved areas, white hair, or parts of the frame unfinished to highlight the importance of the work process.


It is inspired by the connection between the freedom of the line and the details of the skin. These illustrations show the art process as the final result in which the empty spaces and the sketching strokes take over the artwork.

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