Roberto Gramostini

Roberto Gramostini is a Graphic Designer and Photographer for 12 years now, from born in Gallarate in 1988, a city located between Milan and the Prealps of Varese, not a bad place to grow up.  His introduction to photography dates back to his adolescence but the strong interest and passion for 35mm films and analogic photography were born and raised at a later time. He never attended University or photography classes. Roberto grew up as a pure self-educated photographer thanks to his dedication, his mistakes, and all the thrown-away films.  Roberto’s preference goes to analogic photography because he definitely loves the total absence of photo editing: the result is “dirtier” but much more “pure and true”.
The aim of his pictures is to provide a complete and personal exploration of the environment that surrounds him focusing on places and people and analyzing connections and influences arising from the interplay of different religions, races, traditions, and habits.


This series was born from my attraction to the voids that fill spaces.

A collection of shots filled with silence from which the appeal of uncommon places emerges, yet so actual.

Twenty+Twenty attempts to illustrate the melancholy inspired by those places without humans although the colors evoke hidden energy as if they were interrupted moments, waiting to be filled.

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