Farshad Ershadi

Farshad Ershadi (1992) was born in Iran. He graduated from Azad University with a degree in German literature. He is interested in photography and filmmaking. He has made three short films so far that selected in some of the Festivals in Iran and the World. He has only been photographing for three years. At first, he worked with analog cameras, but his interest in the digital world grew every day.

Life of a former Colonel

Ali is a former Colonel who is no longer interested in his Past. For about 6 years, he lived single in a big house that so far away from people. His distance from people is not because of being Antisocial, It is because of its needlessness. He believes that all his needs will be met in another dimension. He was constantly talking about the other world, another dimension. He decided that even change his religion. He was Muslim
But there was a problem. I felt it. For this reason, I decided to photograph the space in his house. I think that language is no longer works. The Images are speaking with us. Through the images, I understood that he did not leave the people, people have rejected him. He is not a single man. He’s a lonely man with a bad past. His past doesn’t leave him. He is a man who wants to love nature, but can’t enter it. Everything is artificial and that is why he does not like anyone to take pictures of him. He hates the camera. Because the images reveal his real life.

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