Ciáran Christopher

Ciáran Christopher is a London based art director and photographer. Combining his love of photography, motion, and design, he captures and crafts visions of the world in a bold, yet refined and delicate manner. His work portrays his subjects and subject matter in an empowered yet sensitive way. To date, his work focuses on issues surrounding the representation of black and PoC, and the exploration of what it means to be black and queer.

Bwoys 3: facing toxic masculinity

As part of an ongoing project that highlights topics in and around Caribbean culture. In part three we stopped to explore toxic masculinity within the community and the effects of this on males within the community. We explore a softer, more unseen side, using makeup as a tool to demystify this misconception that black males need to be ‘a man’ forcing certain tropes and stereotypes. Using this as a freedom of expression each bwoy is standing in their own power, their own person, free enough to enjoy this expression of self.

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