Tomislav Marcijuš

Tomislav Marcijuš, International awarded and contemporary photographer based in Croatia. After graduation at the Architectural-Geodetic School, he began to experiment with the film and analog cameras. He found himself in visual arts and turned his hobby into a business. After that, he launched his studio called Marcijuš Studio. Analog photography made it possible to discover his own style and applies it to various types of photography. The documentary, aesthetic, and artistic approach is the way it photographs destination weddings, portraits, editorials, street, architecture, and various personal projects.

Adriatic Nostalgia

“Through my personal work, I examine the relationship between people and space and their interaction. My goal is to show the beauty of simplicity and show in photos something every day, but not noticed in its own unique way. I photograph people in their minds, absent and sometimes lost in space. I always want to convey the atmosphere of the moment, not just capture the moment. For this reason, I always introduce the observer to the space in which I find myself. The environment in which I grew up left in me a dose of nostalgia and an unknown sensibility that I convey in each of my works. By showing something internal and applying it to the outside world it brings its own melancholy signature that you will find in all my captured spaces and people.”

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