Zachary James Francois

Zachary uses Imagery as a means to connect and strike up conversations between people. Images dictate the opinions and ideas that we form simply by looking at them, Photography is an extremely important medium especially during these times because they are the quickest way to share what’s going on in real-time. The downside with that in our society is that people can actually alter what is going on in real-time via editing services and false or stage information. Zachary uses mixed media along with imagery to represent the physical alteration of images and how they can hold a whole new meaning via the alteration process. In the age of mass media and all this information, it’s hard to determine what you need to look out for and what to actually trust.

My Scrapbook

A series of polaroids and mixed media that express the most child-like aspects of my thinking towards art, how many of my artistic influences come from childhood and carry covered to adulthood causing me to unlock memories and thoughts that were once forgotten while having active commentary on today’s issues.

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