What We’ve Found: Inktober – The Results


October is over! Crazy. We hope you had a fun and SAFE Halloween, and cooler weather is starting to find it’s way to you!

At Aint-Bad, we recently opened up to ALL mediums, not just photography! We wanted to use October to showcase new mediums and allow you to share what you’ve been creating with Inktober.

Looking back, this might have been a little ambitious. The work we received was primarily photography – none of which seemed to fit the prompt. That’s alright, though! It showed us where we need to continue to work and reach out to a broader array of artists.

While the original prompt was Inktober, this month’s What We’ve Found just became a melting pot of whatever people submitted.

That’s going to happen. What We’ve Found is all about communication with our readers and artists, and sometimes that can fall short! As a team, we have been discussing different ways to continue to reach out to artists of other mediums and further our reach within the community. We are at a transition period with Ain’t-Bad, and we’re still working on it!

Thank you for reading, submitting your work, and supporting us while we maneuver this transition.

Here is what we’ve found this month!


Ana Luiza Rodrigues  – analuiza-rodrigues.squarespace.comKatie Shapiro – katieshapiro.com

Trevor Naudtrevornaud.com

Amanada Marchandamandamarchand.com

Michiel Knavenmichaelmedia.org

Rony Orozcoronyorozco.format.com

Rita Maasritamaas.com

Ana Orézzolianaliaorezzoli.com

Lake Roberson Newton – lakenewton.com

Giovanni Savinogiovannisavinophotography.com