Delphine Queme

Delphine Queme is a professional photographer based in Paris who splits her time between commissioned work and creative personal projects.  She has exhibited her personal work in numerous exhibitions : Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, USA – curator : Douglas Beasley (2020) / Galerie Millepiani, Rome, ITALIE – curator : Loosen Art magazine (2020) / galerie A Smith, Johnson City, TX, USA – curator Elizabeth Avedon (2018) / galerie Art’inn, Paris, FRANCE (2015) / Théâtre de l’Etoile du Nord, Paris, FRANCE (2014). Delphine is also part of HANS LUCAS photography agency.

Empty places

As a photographer I love to shoot places. Make photographs that anyone could easily do but no one does (as Raymond Depardon says).

No matter where i go, i always find myself photographing the same walls, sidewalks and other doors.

I never felt the need to have people in my pictures (or reflected in a ghostly way), as what seems lifeless is, for me, on the contrary, very alive. I love minimalism and even a form of poetry of emptiness in my pictures.

I am actually searching for an harmony in my photographs that i don’t find in life which is often too violent for me.

In my photography, it is more the art of seeing that matters rather than the subject itself, often commonplace.

Figurative photography can also become almost abstract as my pictures try to leave some space for the spectator’s imagination and fantasy who finish to build to picture in his head. That is why sometimes you don’t really know what happens in the picture : what is behind a window or a curtain, who is reflected on the wall, etc … Thanks to a chosen framing or the lack of human presence, reality becomes dreamlike, fictional and even, when the photograph is handled well, strange.

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