Jenni Granholm

Jenni Granholm is a photographic artist living and working in Finland. Jenni Granholm began her BA Photography at the College of Fine Arts (Sydney, Australia) and undertook her final year at Aalto University (Finland). In 2010 she gained her MA Digital Arts from Camberwell College of Arts, London. Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Russia, Finland, Northern Ireland and the U.K. She has had work published on the front cover of Neste Oil Magazine (Finland) for three successive years and was a featured artist on Aesthetica Magazine’s on-line platform. She is represented by Argentea Gallery in Birmingham, U.K. Her work deals with themes of femininity and restraint. Based on her life’s events and personal circumstances, the body plays a central role in her simple, uncomplicated compositions where the ribbon is used not only as a tether but also as a trope for harnessing the impulse to break free. As an empowering statement, she never shows her face in her photographs.


My long-term series Hush explores themes of restraint, entanglement and the desire for freedom, coupled with the fear of it. Hush depicts the struggles we face internally – physically, emotionally. I use ribbons as an important motif in my work, representing both the harnesses that hold us in place – keeping us stuck – and also the anguish we carry. In my work I use a soft pastel colour palette to give my images a fragile beauty and an unashamedly feminine aesthetic.

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