What We’ve Found: Choices – Results

what we’ve found: choices – the results

Hey everyone, November is finally over!

We hope you all survived the last month that began with nerve-racking elections and ended up with a majestic food coma after a Thanksgiving dinner.

This month of November 2020, some way or another, will always be engraved in history and our memory. It showed us the many great things that have been done, but this is only the beginning, and we still got a lot more work to do.

We received many different submissions from different places, and it was a privilege to see how different people interpret the theme of choices.

Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and submitted it to us. We appreciate it a lot.

Photo By Grayson Burke – @grayson.burke

Photo by Ana Luiza Rodrigues – @analuizarodrigues17

Photo By Ashton – Lyle – @ashtonstuartlyle

Katarina Vo – @katerina.kvee

Photo By Mia Gahrmann – @miagahrmann

Katarina Vo – @katerina.kvee

Photo By Sonja Trabandt – @sonjatrabandt

Photo By Dane Manary – @undertonecommunication

Photo By Matthew Ludak – @ludakiewicz

Photo By – Marilena Vlachopoulou – @darkroom.memoir

Photo By – Matthew Ludak – @ludakiewicz

Photo By Marsha Guggenheim – @marshagugg

Photo By – Heather McCutcheon – @heatherjmccutcheon

Photo By Grayson Burke – @grayson.burke

Photographers in order of appearance:
Grayson Burke – @grayson.burke
Ana Luiza Rodrigues – @analuizarodrigues17
Ashton – Lyle – @ashtonstuartlyle
Katarina Vo – @katerina.kvee
Mia Gahrmann – @miagahrmann
Katarina Vo – @katerina.kvee
Sonja Trabandt – @sonjatrabandt
Dane Manary – @undertonecommunication
Matthew Ludak – @ludakiewicz
Marilena Vlachopoulou – @darkroom.memoir
Matthew Ludak – @ludakiewicz
Marsha Guggenheim – @marshagugg
Heather McCutcheon – @heatherjmccutcheon
Grayson Burke – @grayson.burke