What We’ve Found: Color + Concept

One of my favorite movies is “Moonlight” written and directed by Barry Jenkins, not only for the beautiful writing and the portrayal of Black love and queerness which allowed so many to see themselves and connect. But the use of color helped tell the story. When the color repeated, it’s associated with an idea and when the color changes, it shows you this concept has changed. Color has played part in so many memorable moments in life and has taken our breath away in movies and art.

For this month, we are looking for your best work surrounding “Color + Concept”, along with the word prompt that inspired it. Has color helped narrate a moment for you? Has color ever played the score?

We will be accepting all mediums of art (1-3 pieces each). Our deadline is on December 27th! We are so excited to see what you send our way!

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Photo by Emerald Arguelles