Yolanda Y. Liou

Yolanda Y. Liou is a Taiwan-born photographer and moving image maker. She works with analogue film, digital and collage, with a focus on atmosphere, environment and an underlying narrative suggested within and outside the frame. She utilises available resources and invites the unpredictability of the analogue process to intervene in the image making. She is currently based in London & Brighton. Her first photography book “I Think It’s Time To Take The Clothes Off” was self-published in 2020. She was awarded third prize in 2020 for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize.


I began the process of developing B&W analog film in 2018 and color in 2020.
At a time when it’s more efficient to edit and manipulate photography digitally, I am increasingly interested in the qualities of analog film, and the opportunities of exploring obsolete materials and techniques.
I experiment with the process of self-developing films, by intervening with the stability of the photographic image, such as soaking them in unconventional liquids and chemicals. Using a film developing kit in my bathroom, I’m interested in imperfection and irreversibility in the image-making process, allowing the materiality of the film to coexist with the photographic image and experimenting with how I can intervene with the material.

To view more of Yolanda Y. Liou’s work please visit her website.