Carlotta Guerra

Carlotta Guerra was born in Italy where she studied contemporary art and cinema at the University of Bologna. For more than a decade she worked as an assistant curator organizing art exhibitions and events for institutions and nonprofit spaces. In 2013 Guerra moved to Amsterdam where she pursued her long-term interest in photography and graduated from FOTOfactory Amsterdam in 2018.
Guerra was selected as “New Dutch Photography Talent of 2019” by New Photo/GUP Magazine and included in FRESH EYES 2020, a publication showcasing the best emerging photographers in Europe. She has recently participated in Rotterdam Photo Festival 2020 and in SIFESTOFF 2019, Ways of Worldmaking, Savignano, Italy.
Guerra splits her time between Los Angeles and Bologna.

Diary 2015 – 2020

My work revolves around an intimate and personal exploration of life -its energy, delicacy, playfulness, and mystery. I seek to find moments of amazement in my familiar – sometimes domestic – world, in views that I feel convey a transcendent quality of wonder, an allusion of the vastness of life. Nature, ordinary scenes of my family life, my childhood haunts, and investigation of my subconscious influences are my main themes.

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