Alissa Ohashi

Alissa Ohashi is a lens-based, mixed media artist working with experimental photography, collage, and installation. Ohashi is currently based in Columbus, Ohio where she graduated with her Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbus College of Art & Design. She is technically self-taught in photography and is exploring the deconstruction of identity and the reconstruction and reintegration of memory. Ohashi has been exploring her unconscious landscape, specifically focusing on C.G. Jung’s individuation processes, and utilizes these practices to guide her creative process as well as to discover a larger, more global narrative to her personal work. Ohashi has been published in the Columbus International Airport, Journal of Dental Technology, Ain’t-Bad, Artpop Street Gallery as well as multiple exhibitions around the United States, Canada, and Germany.

A Quarantine Dream (working title)

The term “twenty-twenty” can be associated with a clear vision and acute understanding. In the year two thousand and twenty, the veil that usually hinders our vision to see a greater truth has been poignantly lifted and we are left to see humanity for what it is. ‘A Quarantine Dream’ grants the viewer an intimate look into one individual’s perspective during a time of global isolation, uncertainty, and chaos. It is a multifaceted interpretation that investigates forgotten nuances in a time of polarization. After months of confinement and thinking about the current state of the world, I had the opportunity to escape the saturation of information and opinions of the masses. My partner, pup, and I packed up our little sedan and took off in search of the unknown. We traversed the beautiful terrain of the United States, camping in National Forests, spending time in small towns, and meeting intriguing people. The eight weeks that we spent on the road allowed time for self-reflection and integration of opposing thoughts and ideas. It was a remembering of who we are and the unity source that resides in all of us. It emanated the absolute truth of the paradox that is life.

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