Ashley Markle

Ashley Markle is an artist working with photography and mixed media making work in Brooklyn, NY, and Ohio. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s in Digital Film from Kent State University, she moved to Brooklyn and began studying photography at the International Center of Photography where she completed the Continuing Education Track Program and the Advanced Track Program in which she received a full scholarship. Her work focuses on identity in relation to the intricacies of personal relationships as well as the impact of societal tropes on the formation of specific roles in relationships. She is interested in how her photographic tools become collaborators in her image-making process just as much as her subjects; playing with the traditional roles of author/photographer and subject. Her work has been featured in Paper Journal Magazine, Pellicola Magazine, Fotoroom, International Center of Photography, The Photographer’s Eye Collective, and she is a Junior Fellow in the Image Text Ithaca Initiative.

weekends with my mother and her lover

My work examines subjects’ identities through the traumas experienced in their childhood. Life experiences are housed in our bodies acting as vehicles for our interactions. I highlight shapes made by the body in choreographed moments of subconscious communication between myself and my subjects. Flesh becomes a consistent visual in the images; the body is the sentence and flesh is the ink.
weekends with my mother and her lover (2020) explores the dynamics between myself and my mother and stepfather. A newly constructed family that has experienced immense change as the relationship between my mother and her lover has grown more serious through time. Through those years, my mother and I’s relationship has also experienced change and growth as I have transitioned from child to adult. Through the lens, I play with intervention in observation and constructed scenes to examine how the dynamics of each individual relationship affect the dynamics of our family unit.

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