Rose Clements

Rose Clements was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and raised in the sprawling suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. She received a BS in Photography from the University of Northern Arizona and is currently based in Tucson. Through her photography, she explores the commonplace and reveals its beauty, which is often juxtaposed by its absurdity. She currently works as a photographer and videographer in the conservation and outdoor industry. In addition to photography, she works in ceramics and plays in several bands.


The series ‘Renaissance’ depicts scenes of rebirth, renewal, and a return to the natural world; a grasp at hope in the midst of a difficult year. Created during the global pandemic in 2020, she was inspired by scenes she encountered where nature was slowly reclaiming manmade objects and urban settings. Early in the year, there were reports of the positive impact of stay-at-home orders on the environment: air quality was improving in city centers with less cars on the street and less planes in the sky. Human confinement gave space for wildlife. But these ‘silver linings’ soon dissipated as it became clear that any positive effects of lockdown on the environment would likely be short lived. The pandemic has only further highlighted the interrelations between the natural world and societal systems. From images depicting silvery grass bursting through an old traffic cone to a mass of plants overtaking a business park, she explores what the world could look like if nature were allowed the renaissance it requires to truly regenerate.

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