Li Zeyan

Li Zeyan(b. 1988) was born and bred in Chengdu where he currently lives. His practice of film photography started in 2009. He travels across cities and regions and recreates everyday scenes with a camera. Curious for the world, he explores the borderline between the abstract and the reality, composes spirits, emotions, illusions, places, and relations into a poem, and visualizes memories.

Would you see an ice sculpture if you turn on the fountain?

Growing in Southwest China, I had never been to cold cities during my upbringing, so I decided to visit the Northeast in winter to test my tolerance to the cold as well as to view the sky colour at a higher latitude. When I dealt with the cold, an excitement crept into me; it seemed unrelated to the snow yet was constructed by the street scenes coated in ice and snow. Dirty trodden ice, heaps of snow on a deserted ground, the new path that cleaved the snow heaps; animals, plants, buildings, vehicles, etc. were all dominated by the cold, losing their original shape or location, but established a good rapport with the environment. Though big cities in China share a considerable similarity, that, however, was a whole new landscape that partook of the cold; it emanated a refreshing yet bewitching aura, which got me touched and drenched.

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