Kristin Ferro

Kristin Ferro (b. 1985) is a second-generation Atlantan, artist, and photographer with a background in Art Education (BFA, University of Georgia; MAEd, Georgia State University). After eleven years of teaching art, photography, and yearbook at a Title I public high school, Ferro decided to focus her energy on her own artistic endeavors. She is most passionate about highlighting the beauty of mundane objects as they relate to their environment. By documenting scenes as they’re observed from daily life, Ferro elicits emotion within each composition that becomes amplified when viewed as part of a series. These artistic documentary portraits of time and space depict visual-spatial decisions that have been made on material objects in a mindful manner and are portrayed in an authentic narrative-driven way.

His and Hers

“His and Hers” takes you through an old 1900s farmhouse in Arabia Mountain, Georgia, USA that’s been vacant since the early 2000s. The previous owners left pieces of their life behind – so much so that a visitor could almost believe they’ll return home any minute. The cottage’s interior is nostalgic for the 1970s where it looks as though a couple of hard-working grandparents have settled down for their golden years. The stern warning signs posted in each window heeding visitors to “keep out” seem to contradict the warm aura that the cottage exudes due to the charming nature of the belongings that were once his, hers, or shared between them.

The choice of material objects and their relative placement as seen in “His and Hers” solicits viewers to consider the details of spaces that they inhabit while simultaneously conjuring up memories of people, places, and things from their own personal life experiences. “His and Hers” encourages viewers to contemplate the conclusions that may be drawn by a visitor in their own home.

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