Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall is a 17-year-old visual artist and ex-pat, originally from Toronto, Canada & Nassau, Bahamas. From 2018 – 2021 she has attended St. Andrew’s School, a co-educational 100% residential boarding school focused on breaking the norms of the typical boarding school experience, and prior to that, she lived in Toronto (Canada), London (UK), Surrey Hills (UK), Nassau (Bahamas), Ocala (Florida) and now Orlando, Florida to attend Rollins College as an NCAA Division 2 Athlete (Women’s Rowing) for the class of 2025.

Artistically Elizabeth works mainly within the field of medium format film photography, mainly on her Mamiya RZ67ii. Elizabeth has worked on refining her skills in film photography over her time at St. Andrew’s School under the instruction of respected photographer and artist, Joshua Meier. Although surrounded by great mentors artistically throughout her life, Elizabeth has followed her own path creatively and only can grow upwards from this young age.

Upon Noxontown

Upon Noxontown is a personal project that focuses on this seemingly bubble-wrapped ‘oasis’ within the world of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This project is not focused on the Pandemic but instead focused on the 310 Students, Educators, Maintenance Workers, and Staff who live all within the same 2000 Acres and are with each other 24/7 for months on end, trying to adapt and work through the challenges that the Pandemic has thrown at them.

This project focuses on the documentary-style landscapes on St. Andrew’s School Campus, which is also going to be put in conversation with Portraits of varying students, faculty, and staff with the narrative of their own stories and what everyone has had to give up in order to maintain the stability and integrity of every single person on campus.

This project is still in progress and is running on a deadline of completion by the latest date of Mid-May. Many portraits are set to be shot during the month of March.

To view more of Elizabeth Hall’s work please visit their website.