Michael Frechette

Michael Frechette’s work explores the landscape of the natural and fabricated outside world and its influence on the human experience. He attended school during the 80s at Philadelphia College of Art and has resided in Philadelphia since. A founding member of Vox Populi, Michael has shown his work around the country in spaces including, the Boston International Fine Arts Show, San Francisco International Art Exposition, and Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia. Over the past several years, Michael has been working with his friend as an amateur archaeologist and privy digger, excavating construction sites and private property, finding artifacts that would otherwise be discarded in order to share these histories with others.

Philadelphia Sight Line

I was born in Detroit in 1965. Growing up, I watched the decline of a city that less than a century before was mostly farmland. From plowed fields and cows to boomtown workshop of the world to the wasteland in 70 years. Neighborhoods, factories, and skyscrapers are abandoned and overgrown. The madness and magic of a city abandoned, the wonder of its stories has informed my work ever since. In my work, I examine the landscape of the natural and fabricated worlds and their influence on the human experience.

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