Allaire Bartel

Allaire Bartel is a lifestyle, fine art, and portrait photographer based in New Haven, CT.

She began her career in NYC by working as a photo editor, retoucher, and second shooter for high-end fashion and event photographers. Their outstanding reputations enabled her to work with some of the most esteemed clients in the industry, including Vogue and Vanity Fair. Taking what she learned from this opportunity, she’s since moved from behind-the-scenes to behind-the-camera, photographing portraits and products for luxury brands.

Allaire’s personal work examines women’s issues in society, including sexual health, harassment and sexism, and observations on domesticity. An early personal project, Boundaries, depicts the sexual harassment many women face in everyday life, and was shared widely on platforms such as Buzzfeed, HuffPost, AlJazeera, and others.

Allaire currently coordinates photo shoots for the Yale School of Medicine.

At Home

“At Home” is an ever-evolving curated collection of photographs that I’ve created since moving to Connecticut. The decision to move from New York City to New Haven marked a new chapter of my life, defined by a new family, new job, and a new diagnosis of endometriosis. In a whiplash of deceleration, my appreciation grew for nature, domesticity, small moments, and all of the ways they intersect.

My camera has served as a tool for introspection, leading me to interrogate what draws my eye and why. In gathering these photographs I find myself crafting a narrative of beauty in mundane moments and the delighted discovery of hidden treasures, expressed through visual themes of light and intricate pattern.

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