Kana Motojima

Kana Motojima is a photographer and director born and raised in Honolulu currently based in New York. She lived in Tokyo where her family is from to study photography and was based there prior to moving to New York.

Her time in Tokyo was spent photographing artists and curating behind the scene content for music videos. After moving to New York she continued her work photographing artists portraits and editorial while studying at the International Center of Photography. In her personal work she strives to visualize through photo and video emotions that cannot be described by words.

This is not me.

You can be whatever you want to be. You are whoever and whatever you decide you want to be. Only you can define yourself. However, there still exists a public audience that will attempt to judge and categorize you. Whether unintentional or not this can affect the way we view each other and ourselves.

Through this ongoing project, I want to explore and challenge these ideas. To have a conversation about the public image versus the private image of the body and deconstruct the expected shape of a body within a portrait.

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