Nofar Hatuka

Nofar Hatuka, a Tel-Aviv based multidisciplinary Artist using print, manual techniques and textiles.
Graduated from the Visual Communication Department at HIT Holon Institute of Technology (2018).
Her body of work is conveying personal messages, focused on the sense of place, the concept of roots and visual genealogy.

Owner of ‘Kuki Studios’, a conceptual fashion brand.

‘Kuki Studios’ a fashion conceptual studio that connects culture, body and fashion, Inspired by the Yemenite heritage, into what Hatuka (owner) like to call ‘CULTURWEAR’.

‘Beyond The Sea’ Kuki Studios SS21 Collection

‘Beyond The Sea’ Kuki Studios SS21 Collection describes the incessant desire to connect distant realms that we can no longer touch or experience.
The world beyond the sea as a metaphor for the unfulfilled will.

Photography @hila_krugman_kadi
Model @ malak.jawabra

To view more of Nofar Hatuka’s work please visit their website.